Towards Climate Safety and Justice briefing report

This report summarises the outcomes from a two-day event on June 8 and 9 2016 that was organised by Feasta, Cultivate and Trócaire. It provided a briefing on CapGlobalCarbon - a campaign organised by members of Feasta's climate group - set it in the context of the commons, divestment and social justice, and generated ideas about how to implement it as part of a broader citizens' movement for a fair and sustainable transition from fossil fuels.

Marginal productivity theory

This chapter of Credo, by Brian Davey, describes the “marginal revolution” of neoclassical economics. The idea of marginal productivity and payments to “factors of production” was developed for ideological reasons to counter thinkers like Marx and George. The theoretical framework learned by generations of students is contradicted by the evidence. The ideas of capital and land in neoclassical economics are incoherent.