Video of Anne Ryan speaking at the thinkery “Commons against and beyond capitalism”, along with Silvia Federici and George Caffentzis.

In the afternoon session of this day-long seminar organised by Community Development Journal, University College Cork, UNIDEV and Kimmage Development Studies Centre, Feasta’s Anne B. Ryan discussed her work on the radical concept of ‘enough’ and its capacity to contribute to the concept and practice of commoning. She also outlined her practical experience of Community Supported Farming, with particular reference to Derrybeg CSA as a commoning enterprise. As part of this presentation, Caroline Whyte made a short input on her work with CapGlobalCarbon. Below is a link to the entire day’s proceedings. Caroline’s contribution comes about 40 minutes into the third video. Unfortunately, only her voice is heard, as the limited camera set-up meant that she was not videoed also.

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