Feasta co-founder John Jopling steps down as Trustee

On 21st November 2015 a significant event took place at the Feasta AGM in Dublin. John Jopling, who was instigative in the foundation of Feasta in 1998, attended his last Feasta meeting as a Trustee. Mark Garavan (Current Chairman) paid a very special tribute to John. As well as supporting Feasta in the delicate days of its infancy, John collaborated closely with Richard Douthwaite and together (with many others) they created what was a very novel organisation at the time.

Over the years John has made a remarkable contribution to Feasta both in Ireland and internationally, and continues to do so. He is the author, with Roy Madron, of the Schumacher Briefing Gaian Democracies and has contributed to many of Feasta’s publications including Sharing for Survival. His current projects include the CapGlobalCarbon campaign and the Climate Litigation Project.

In conclusion a small presentation was made to John, and all present wished him well.
Photo shows Anne Ryan (Trustee) and Mark Garavan with John Jopling (centre).


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