From our archives: The European project – dismantling social democracy, globalising neoliberalism

This 2003 article by Andy Storey identifies and critiques the priorities of the EU - a very useful overview given the current events in Greece and the TAFTA negotiations. He writes that "in many important respects, and to a growing extent, the emperor that is the European social project has no clothes - it is time to point out this nakedness and to begin the task of rebuilding European regionalism. Such a reconstituted regional model could then also become a building block of a more humane and just global order."

“Even the pope gets it – carbon markets won’t fix the climate”

Good article on the problems with carbon offsets: “Carbon markets are in fact designed to seek out cheap emissions reductions such as HFC-23 destruction over fundamental structural changes to energy systems away from fossil fuels and towards renewables.” But see also Aubrey Meyer’s comment at the end: the root of the problem is that there is currently no “budget” – ie limit or cap – for carbon. …

Art of Commoning: the P2P Summer School

August 25th – 27th, 2015
Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Tipperary, Ireland

This event, which is organised by the Peer to Peer Foundation, WeCreate and Cultivate, builds on the experience of The Art of Commoning, held in autumn 2014 in Montréal and the Open Everything – Collaborative Economy Convergence held in Ireland in September 2014.

The Summer School will be grounded in the actual practice of collaboration and finding synergies. Some theoretical input, both on P2P and Art of Hosting, will also be offered – mostly in short modules. New developments in P2P and commoning will be shared by Michel Bauwens, Silke …

Basic income (BI) & intentional currencies

If a Basic Income is indeed a Good Thing, then new currencies will increasingly seek to build it into their design from the outset. This article by Graham Barnes looks at the rationale for BI and at implications for currencies that incorporate BI as one of their currency issuance mechanisms.