Art of Commoning: the P2P Summer School

August 25th – 27th, 2015
Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Tipperary, Ireland

This event, which is organised by the Peer to Peer Foundation, WeCreate and Cultivate, builds on the experience of The Art of Commoning, held in autumn 2014 in Montréal and the Open Everything – Collaborative Economy Convergence held in Ireland in September 2014.

The Summer School will be grounded in the actual practice of collaboration and finding synergies. Some theoretical input, both on P2P and Art of Hosting, will also be offered – mostly in short modules. New developments in P2P and commoning will be shared by Michel Bauwens, Silke Helfrich and Kevin Flanagan, Art of Hosting models and practices will be held by Ria Baeck, Chris Chapman and Davie Philip. The overall aim is to balance and integrate concrete learning outcomes for all.

Places are limited and there is an early bird rate for bookings made before June 30th.
We do need 15 participants to have registered and paid before this date to make this event work! If you wish to attend please register right away.

More information from the organisers:


Many roads lead to the commons: the collaborative economy, open culture, community ownership, co-operatives, technology and knowledge sharing, shared meaning-making, protecting biodiversity, seed saving, our natural resources, and more.

As “commoners” we practice engaging with others to create impact that lasts longer and is more sustainable than anything we can accomplish on our own. Together we maintain and govern the infrastructures that benefit the public as a whole and beyond.

We invite you to join us in shared inquiry for a 3-day gathering in beautiful rural Ireland!
The core of our inquiry centres on the following question:

What becomes possible when we harness our collective capacity in service of the commons?

– How can the commons, peer-to-peer and participatory approaches support the transition to a more sustainable way of life?

– Can we create sustainable livelihoods that enrich and sustain the commons?

– How can a commons-based collaborative economy strengthen the resilience of our communities?

There are only 40 places available for this event and full participation in the 3 days is required.

Standard Fee: €380 *early bird rate €340
Low Income Fee: €350 *early bird rate €310

Full details at

Booking Summer School:
To book a place contact Philippa at Cultivate

For more information:
Contact Davie Philip or Kevin Flanagan

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