Friday event: Dublin : Can we have our money back?

Creating & Directing Public Money : Mary Mellor
Friday 25th April 2014, 6pm for 6.30 start Book here
Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Sq. , Dublin

FEASTA, the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability, persuaded Prof. Mary Mellor. the author of ‘The Future of Money’ to give a lecture/ discussion in Dublin on the practicalities of reclaiming the power of money-issue from the private banks, and directing its spend-into-use in a truly democratic fashion.

For the last 40 years or so private banks have been given the right to create money and lend it at interest where they will, and have progressively abused that power. In the process they have relegated the nation state to a junior partner in the implementation of economic policy, and undermined our democratic institutions. Their globalisation project is trashing the planet, and they are the ones churning out the prevailing ‘there is no alternative’/ austerity narrative. The neoliberal caricature of private-good public-bad is now being exposed for the flawed position it is, but how exactly might the enormous vested interests of the status quo be countered and the inevitable inertia and resistance be overcome?

Subtitled by FEASTA ‘Can we have our money back’, the event was run in conjunction with Sensible Money and represented a one-off chance for in depth interactive questioning of one of the leading thinkers around monetary reform.

Download the powerpoint slides from the talk

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  1. I would like to have attended this talk but have anotther event to attend is it being videoed and if so will it be available to view

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