Comment on Chapter 2: The Climate and the Commons by Justin Kenrick by MANJARI CHATTERJI

I came across your reference in Occupy Education by Tina Evans. I also read the Transition Towns e-letter. The move to protect resources by strengthening the indigenous communities is a powerful argument. However, the corporeate/ capital interests in Africa (the newest frontier --again) and the "war on terror" excuse to be a presense seem overwhelming forces to be fighting. I do believe the life boat analogy is an excellent one--being ready until the behemoth collapses under its own weight.

Earth, Air, Fire and Water: Evolving Global Commoning

This short presentation was prepared by Brian Davey for a side event at the recent "Economics and the Commons" conference held in Berlin. It provides practical suggestions for the formation of a global commons partnership of participants and practitioners in existing commons, in order to help defend them and to develop new commons-based projects.