Notes from the Environ 2013 colloquium

Feasta member Willi Kiefel attended this event and was impressed by the high standard of research and presentations. Converting the hard work done by researchers into political reality is a challenge however. He comments "I got the feeling again and again when I talked to researchers or other participants that there seems to be a serious lack of awareness as to the responsibility towards future generations amongst public representatives."

Scrap the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme campaign website

A group of environmental NGOs has organised a campaign to scrap the EU’s ETS on the basis that it is too badly flawed to be workable. Since its implementation, emissions have actually increased due to the poor design of international offsetting schemes, and large energy companies have enjoyed massive windfall profits. Members of Feasta and other analysts have identified serious problems with it from the start. Instead, we advocate a Cap-and-Share-type approach which sets an upstream cap on emissions and is designed around the principle that the atmosphere is a commons, belonging to everyone. Read more about the scrap-the-ETS campaign …