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If you’ve visited this website before you will probably have noticed our funding appeals. It’s likely that you skimmed over these – perfectly understandably as there are so many organisations asking for money these days. However, if you’re reading this it’s probably because you’re interested in and value the work we do. If so you will be interested to know how it is that we are able do what we do.

Most of Feasta’s considerable output – from publishing original papers to policy submissions to events organising/speaking to book publishing – is done by volunteers, supported by one office staff person (3 days per week) and one website/technical person (20 hours per month). The costs associated with providing organisational support have to date been met by a reasonably small core funding grant from the Irish Environmental Network, a bi-annual grant from a UK-based family trust and money generated by (now-completed) policy advice projects. A further tranche comes from a small number of individual donors, memberships and some book sales.

With the recent completion of paid projects and winding-up of our UK funder we are left with solely with the IEN annual core funding grant. In addition to this and our other smaller income sources we now need to find around €25,000 annually to fund a bare-bones Feasta operation, one that can nonetheless continue the valuable and diverse work we do.

So, what can you do to help? The most obvious is a once-off or regular standing donation to Feasta by bank or Paypal. The latter can be a small amount but is preferable as it allows us to budget for income down the line.

We also have a fundraising group, which anyone with skills, time or knowledge is invited to join. This group is currently researching both project and core funding possibilities and would welcome further input.

Unfortunately the bottom line is this: if we don’t find additional funds we will not be able to continue to operate as a staff-supported organisation beyond the end of this year.

So many people tell us how much they value our work, and are amazed at how we make it so freely available. Now is the time for us to call upon those of you who can to support that work financially. Please help if you can.

Read about our track record since 1998, the year Feasta was founded (pdf document, 550K)

To make a donation please go to our donations page at https://www.feasta.org/donate/.

Note: Feasta is a forum for exchanging ideas. By posting on its site Feasta agrees that the ideas expressed by authors are worthy of consideration. However, there is no one ‘Feasta line’. The views of the article do not necessarily represent the views of all Feasta members. 

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