The Job Guarantee Primer : New Economic Perspectives

The New Economic Perspectives blog has been hosting a series discussing the Job Guarantee which is a major tenet of MMT or Modern Monetary Theory.  Professor L Randal Wray has authored these blogs responding to questions and criticism posted by his myriad readers.  We post his last piece here which deals with the practicalities of [...]

From crisis to resilience: rethinking Ireland’s economic future

Schumacher Ireland Summer School Exploring the transition to a sustainable society on the island of Ireland Schumacher College is organising its first Summer School in Ireland from 11th to 15th June 2012, in conjunction with Queen's University Belfast. Feasta members Jonathan Dawson and Peadar Kirby will be among the course teachers. [...]

The French Solution to Inflation under a Job Guarrrantee By Philip Pilington

Philip is a member of Feasta and the Environmental Pillar Economic Working Group. He blogs in Naked Capitalism and is a leading young MMT advocate in Ireland. Here he writes about the danger of inflation where a Job Guarantee in a under developed country stimulates the importation of fancy goods that causes inflation and the devaluation of the floating currency. This could be true for Ireland as we make very little stuff here. [...]