A useful resource to learn about Land Value Tax from Scotland

Here are some links from a website of Andy Wightman, a Scotish supporter of LVT:

I have been undertaking some research recently on Land Value Taxation for the Scottish Green Party MSPs and the following are some useful references on the topic.

THE REPORT – A Land Value Tax for Scotland. Fair, Efficient, Sustainable.

FIRST, some key ones

Connellan, Owen, 2004. Land value taxation in Britain: experience and opportunities. Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harrison, Fred, 2006. Wheels of Fortune. Institute for Economic Affairs

Jones, Jerry, 2008. Land Value for Public Benefit. Labour Land Campaign, London

Lloyd, Toby, 2009. Bon’t Bet the house on it. No turning back to housing boom and bust. Compass, London

Maxwell, Dominic & Vigor, Anthony, 2005. Time for Land Value tax? IPPR, London

AND the Mirrlees Review Tax by Design Chapter 16 on land and property (draft)

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