Asian perspective on fixing the global financial crisis

by Deirdre de Burca. Andrew Sheng, who heads up a new global think tank called the Fung Global Institute, made an excellent presentation to the Institute of European Affairs yesterday. He was invited to speak about an Asian perspective on fixing the global crisis by Patrick Honohan, the Governor of the Irish Central Bank. You can download a PDF version of the slides that accompanied Sheng's presentation from here.

Auerback Says Germany will stay in the eurozone but one re-fashioned in its own image

Marshall Auerback on Germany's choices and the likely outcome. So whilst many Germans might think they want a smaller, more cohesive euro zone without the troublesome profligates, the policy elites in fact recognize that a 'United States of Germany' under the guise of a United States of Europe, actually suits their aspirations to dominate Europe [...]

Equity Partnerships on

Karl Deeter writes on the website about the benefits of equity partnerships for home owner-rentership… Could changing the way we purchase and own property make a difference? In the current market developments are designed to sell rather than serve as an instrument of long term cash flows, the conundrum for sellers and NAMA alike [...]