Richard Douthwaite – Energy prices, the boom/bust cycle and prospects for global economic growth

This talk was given at Feasta’s Irish debt conference on Thursday September 22 2011. (Presentation by Bruce Darrell of Richard Douthwaite’s talk and slides).

Richard Douthwaite is an economist, ecologist and writer. He is co-founder of Feasta. He has been a council member of Comhar, the Irish government’s national sustainability council and a Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Plymouth and to the MA in Theology and the Environment at Dalgan Park, Navan. Among his publications are The Growth Illusion (1992), Short Circuit (1996), and The Ecology of Money (1999). In 2003 he edited Before the Wells Run Dry, and Fleeing Vesuvius in 2010.

About the conference

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