Links to New Complementary Currency Initiatives

Compiled by complementary currency expert Ludwig Schuster of Germany.
26.09.2011 YES Magazine (USA)
Evergreen Cooperative Corporation Cleveland pays workers 20 percent in cash and 80 percent in “capital credits”. “Sustainability in the broadest sense can only be created if you can stick capital where it won’t get up and leave”
25.09.2011 San Francisco Chronicle (USA)
ROI in eggs, not money: Slow Money brings slow food values to investing. “Is there a way to turn CSA relationships into loans or investments?”
23.09.2011 The Guardian (UK)
Local currencies the German way: the chiemgauer. The chiemgauer, a school currency project in southern Germany, is the envy of other currency schemes as shoppers opt for local cash to spend in local shops
20.09.2011 The Wall Street Journal
In Pockets of Booming Brazil, a Mint Idea Gains Currency. Towns Issue Their Own Money, Which Brings Local Discounts; Rodent on the Bills
20.09.2011 Le Journal du Net (F)
A quoi servent les monnaies virtuelles?
19.09.2011 The Guardian (UK)
Google Wallet mobile payments system launched to public. Mobile payments technology available for some Android phone users after trial – but international customers will need to pre-pay
East Africa: Regional Currency Within The Framework Of The East African Monetary Union (EAMU) Expected By Next Year
07.09.2011 BBC News (USA & CAN)
BerkShares boost the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Shift to “maple syrup index” if Dollar collpases. [price Berkshares in maple syrup, not maple syrup in Berkshares!]
03.09.2011 BBC News (UK)
Italian town Filettino declares independence. A small town in central Italy has declared its independence and started to print its own banknotes.
Sept 2011 e-flux journal #27
Paul Glover: Anti-Monopoly Money. A recipe for Successful Local Currency, with six ingredients
25.08.2011 The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (AUS)
How to cope with the next global financial crisis. By Shann Turnbull
25.08.2011 Financial Review (AUS)
The Hayek Option. Industry bailouts would not be required if the Australian dollar was denationalised, as advocated by economist Friedrich Hayek. By Shann Turnbull
25.08.2011 The Australian (AUS)
Two currencies could alleviate two-speed economy. IF the Treasury secretary and the Reserve Bank really believed in free markets to allocate resources, they would denationalise the currency
22.08.2011 (SL)
Economiste Abdourahmane Sarr: Le MRDL se fixe pour ambition de mettre en place une monnaie locale en Senegal.
15.08.2011 NY Times (USA)
Stop Coddling the Super-Rich! By Warren E. Buffett
14.08.2011 Telepolis (
Lateinamerika will sich gegen die Krise des Nordens schützen. Kommissionsleiter Pedro Paez plädiert für “Neue Regionale Finanzarchitektur” mit dem “Sucre” als komplementäre Gemeinschaftswährung
11.08.2011 WOZ (CH)
Internationale Wirtschaftskrise – Das Zeitalter der Schulden
Unasur wappnet sich gegen die globale Krise
10.08.2011 businessday (ZA)
Cellphones will replace cash in Africa. Cellphones set to become an alternative means of payment to cash, giving a major boost to banks keen to penetrate the unbanked market
08.08.2011 The Atlantic
The Bitcoin Economy Is Collapsing, With No Sign of Recovery
08.08.2011 DCG Magazine
DGC Magazine August 2011 released: Send & Receive Digital Silver on Facebook. An Interview with Sidhart Sankar, Founder of ZipPay
06.08.2011 Telepolis (
Erste US-Bank verlangt für große Geldeinlagen von den Kunden Gebühren. In den USA wird zur Risikovermeidung immer mehr Geld in Banken geparkt
04.08.2011 New York Post (USA)
You can keep your stinkin’ money. BoNY: Big deposits will cost you a pretty penny.
03.08.2011 RIAN
Chavez ruft Nachbarländer auf “sich von der Diktatur des US-Dollar zugunsten der alternativen Regionalwährung Sucre zu befreien”
01.08.2011 (USA)
Community Currency Magazine August 2011 released
01.08.2011 (USA)
San Francisco: The Bernal Buck starts here
24.07.2011 The Guardian (UK)
Africa’s mobile economic revolution: Half of Africa’s one billion population has a mobile phone – and not just for talking. The power of telephony is forging a new enterprise culture, from banking to agriculture to healthcare
21.07.2011 Community Currency Magazine (
Alternatives to the banksters: local currencies. How the far right supports the new ‘Transition’ currencies
11.07.2011 The Hill (USA)
Ron Paul: Competing currencies: a defense against profligate spending. Allowing market participants to choose a sound currency will ensure that individuals’ needs are met

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