Convergent Crisis & National Resilience: Peak oil, food, credit & the end of the age of growth – 13th July 2011

A Feasta and Risk Resilience lecture by David Korowicz

While we may focus on Ireland’s current economic woes, the risks we face are global and systemic. A battered and unstable world economy is probably at the peak of global energy and food production, and declines may be imminent. Yet our tightly interconnected and globalised civilisation, and the economy that maintains it require increasing such production to remain functional. As a result, Ireland is unlikely ever to come out of recession, and the world is not in the middle of a financial crisis but at the edge of a civilisational one.

There are growing risks of deep shocks to our basic material and social welfare, and as yet little evidence that such risks are understood or planned for. We urgently need national resilience planning to help us absorb the severest risks, and give us the confidence to move forward optimistically and with realism.

Where: The Greenhouse, 17 St Andrew Street, Dublin 2
When: 7pm, Wednesday 13th July 2011
Cost: €5 (Feasta, Cultivate member, unwaged), otherwise €20 or €10 (depending on ability to pay)

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