Networking for Resilience

Sat 26 Jun, 2pm, The Cultivate Tent, Cloughjordan House. Admission Free.

As part of the upcoming 16th Convergence Festival (full programme at you are invited to a joint Feasta and Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland event, hosted by Cultivate Living and Learning.

"Networking for Resilience" will be a series of conversations between people involved in FEASTA and Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland. These will involve the sharing of ideas and will explore how best to pool resources and work collaboratively in order to maintain and develop strong, flexible communities able to withstand environmental and economic change.


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  1. My response comes because I notioced the word ‘education’ though no subsequent mention. I trust that the need for education (to lead out) from the earliest years wiggles into somebody’s presentation sometime.
    Educate – to lead out as opposed to conventional Educate – to entrap.

    Yrs &c
    David Carrington
    Gabriola V0r 1X4

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