Cap and Share Meeting

Birmingham, Thursday 15th July 2010, 1.30 – 5.00pm.

A Cap and Share UK meeting took place at Birmingham Voluntary Service Council Conference Centre (Address 138 Digbeth, Birmingham B5 6DR, tel. 0121 643 4343, or see

Meeting Agenda:

(1) Developments since the last meeting in Winchester – including the UNEP, Ireland, ZCB 2030, discussions with colleagues in the USA and Germany (commons’ alliances), the upcoming Cap and Share video.

(2) Finance Report

(3) Upcoming Cap and Share Book, with short presentations from on content from the co-authors on the themes of the book. (See below for more details.)

(4) Future Strategy including up and coming events and our intervention in them.

(5) AOB

Book Outline

Chapter One

Economics and politics after Copenhagen – what we have to do (including CO2 targets and draw down) and the context for climate policy (incl peak oil and the financial crisis).

Chapter Two

Climate politics and economics – helping communities survive and even thrive and the political economy of the climate commons.

Chapter Three

Policy Packages – Cap and Share, the Carbon Maintenance Fund and the domestic policy packages which are complementary or competitive to them.

Chapter Four

Cap and Share variants – written and presented with diagrams – as a national and an international scheme, as a hybrid scheme (eg. alongside the ETS and the Carbon Reduction Commitment), with the Transition Fund etc. The Carbon Maintenance Funds in diagrams.

Chapter Five

Institutional and legal architectures – setting up a Global Sky Trust and Sky Trust Network and what it would look like.

Chapter Six

Open Questions: – a chapter where alternative viewpoints are put on different questions where there is disagreement (eg. different views on “the share in Cap and Share”.) Each person would get up to three pages for each controversy.

Chapter Seven

How we get there – the road from here to there.

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