The Liquidity Network

Feasta believes that a radical monetary reform is one of the keys to sustainability and a number of members are currently working to establish a debt-free exchange system which they plan to introduce to overcome the problems created by the failure of the present debt-based system. You can find details of the project here.…

Two Climate Change Presentations – Brian Davey and Professor Mark Maslin

Date and Time: 7.15 pm, Friday, February 27th ’09
Venue: Friday: McClelland Room, Central Hotel, Exchequer St, Dublin 2

Mobilising for the Climate Emergency

Brian Davey, Feasta

Climate scientists are now saying that targets for greenhouse gas stabilisation should be lower than 350ppm CO2, perhaps even below 300ppm. To achieve these very low greenhouse gas concentrations would involve re-allocations of economic resources on a scale not previously achieved in anything other than war or revolution. So, how can the necessary massive changes, not just in what we consume, but to how we work and live our lives, be motivated? How …

Feasta Annual Planning Meeting 2009

Agenda for Annual Planning Day 2009

Sat January 31st 2009 11am – 4.30pm

Chaired by Emer O’Siochru

11 – 11.45: Review of Feasta’s activities in the past year arising from 2008 Annual Planning Day minutes

  1. 1. Climate and Energy group activities, including attendance at COP, Poland
  2. Risk and Emergency preparation
  3. Taxation Reform
  4. Media / Publicity / Education
  5. Annual Lecture / conference
  6. Funding Strategy
  7. Publications

11.45 – 3.15 (including lunch) Feasta Project Presentations and discussion

  1. Carbon Sinks and Cycles
  2. Smart Taxes
  3. Social Partnership
  4. New Emergency Conference
  5. Cap and Share
  6. Liquidity Network and Responses to the financial crisis

3.15 Ideas for New …