The Anne Behan Community Sustainability Award

For Transition Initiatives on the island of Ireland

‘Sustainability is a concept more than a strict code. It refers to responsible and ethical methods of practice in economic, social and environmental management. In many ways sustainability refers to new methods of old practices. It is often misinterpreted as relating solely to the environment, but in practice, it is an integrated approach to all aspects of life – economic, social, environmental and cultural.’

Anne Behan, 1959-2004

The Anne Behan Community Sustainability Award for Transition Initiatives will be presented every year by Feasta, the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability, to the …

New paper by David Wasdell

David Wasdell, the systems dynamicist who spoke at two Feasta events last year, believes that natural systems are already contributing to climate change rather than damping it down. A paper on this which he prepared as a briefing for the World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment in Oxford this week can be found here. It argues that a runaway warming will develop unless urgent action is taken.…