FEASTA course in Belfast: Toolkit for Sustainability

Hosted at the Gibson Institute for Land, Food and Environment, School of
Biological Sciences, Queen’s University Belfast

This was a course designed to explore the root causes of unsustainability:
how our society and economy fails to think about and plan for its own
long-term health and survival. The course fostered joined-up thinking in
considering how to tackle the problems and frame potential solutions.

For instance, what is the link between global climate change, genetically
modified foods
and rising fuel prices?

The 10 sessions used Feasta’s ‘Community Learning Toolkit’, a CD ROM
containing readings, videos and audio recordings that enable a community of
learners to explore the issues further.

Nicola Creighton from the FEASTA Education
Group facilitated the 10 evenings of presentation and discussion, which
will explore the issues of

Money, Growth, Climate Change, Energy, Food, Land-use and Democracy.

Some evenings will include presentations by invited speakers. The course was originally hosted at the Cultivate Centre in Dublin in 2005 with resounding interest from a diverse set of participants. The first facilitation of the course here in Belfast began in late February and ran to full capacity. The discussion framework of the course meet the interests and needs of participants focusing on local issues of sustainability.

TIME: 7.30-9.00 p.m. every Wednesday, starting 3 May and finishing 5 July.

VENUE: The Gibson Institute for Land, Food and Environment (part of the School of Biological Sciences at Queen’s University), 3 Lennoxvale, off Malone Road, just a five-minute walk from the main University building.

(includes a CD ROM and FEASTA Book): £50
Concession A price of £40 available
to: Staff and volunteers from Community groups, NGOs, Voluntary and Civil
Society organisations.
Concession B price of £20 available to: FEASTA members, Students, OAPs and

For more information on courses and research work of the Gibson Institute
see http://www.qub.ac.uk/sites/GibsonInstitute/

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