The Little Earth Show

Tuesday, January 27th, and the 3rd, 10th and 17th of February 2004

On January 27th at 9.00 pm Donegal’s Highland Radio broadcast the first of four radio shows produced by FEASTA titled ‘The Little Earth Show’ . The following three shows werebroadcast on February 2rd, 10th and 17th.

Produced for a youth audience, the Little Earth Show is a four-part radio drama with a difference based partly on the best selling ‘Little Earth Book’ by James Bruges. Each episode takes a topic and analyses the issues from a global and local perspective.

The style of the show is a competitive dialogue between two characters, which owe some part of their genesis to Homer and Lisa Simpson. Their running confrontation is set in a REALITY RADIO setting (like reality TV only on the radio ) which we call ‘The Little Earth Show’. This format allows us to be funny and provocative at the same time. The Reality Radio setting gives us the excuse we need to place the contestants anywhere in the world that’s appropriate, whether on a beach in Donegal, in an SUV in California, on top of the Three Gorges Dam in China or in a food-truck in the Channel Tunnel.

This project is part education, part comedy and part radio drama. It’s a new concept in radio. The intention is to make entertaining, informative, challenging and accessible radio.

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Funding for this project came from the Development Education Unit of Development Co-operation Ireland and Trocaire.

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