The First Feasta Review

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The Feasta Review was the first publication from the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability.

The Review gathers together many of the ideas that had been circulating among people associated with Feasta. For example, it carries the full texts and the graphics of the 1999 Feasta lecture by the heretic ex-World Bank economist, Herman Daly and the 2000 lecture by David Korten, author of ‘When Corporations Rule The World’. Papers by other people who have spoken at Feasta meetings are included too. James Robertson, who spoke at Feasta’s Money, Energy and Growth conference, presented his ideas for the reform of the tax system. Besides all this, there are reviews of twenty recent books on issues connected with sustainability.

The aim of the publication was to bring together articles, new and old, which reflected and advanced the thinking going on among the organisation’s members. In particular, FEASTA people are interested in identifying the reasons why the present economic system is so grotesquely unsustainable and the ways in which it has to be changed to remedy that. We are also interested in envisioning how a sustainable economy and society might look. As far as we are aware, we are the only organisation in the English-speaking world taking exactly this approach. The Review is therefore international in its authorship and scope.

Note: Feasta is a forum for exchanging ideas. By posting on its site Feasta agrees that the ideas expressed by authors are worthy of consideration. However, there is no one ‘Feasta line’. The views of the article do not necessarily represent the views of all Feasta members.