‘Fracking’ may increase air pollution health risks

According to a report in the LA Times Air pollution caused by hydraulic fracturing, the controversial oil and gas drilling method which is being promoted in areas of the West of Ireland, may contribute to “acute and chronic health problems for those living near natural gas drilling sites”. Critics have largely focused so far on fracking’s possible contamination of underground and surface water, but it presents other problems too: studies have shown that air pollution at many of these sites is greater than in surrounding areas.

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A Better Life Index

Finding a way to measure how well we are doing in terms of economics and sustainability has been an ongoing theme is Feasta. The Better Life Index sponsored by the OECD allows you to enter your own priorities and view selected countries of the world, including Ireland, according to your criteria. Have a go at http://oecdbetterlifeindex.org/. …

Liquidity Network 2011

While 2011 was a quiet year on the website, much discussion was happening behind the scenes as we thrashed out our thinking on how the Liquidity Network would work. We were also busy talking to potential test sites and that is leading to some real possibilities for 2012. The untimely death of Richard Douthwaite in […]