Smart Taxes Network Documents

The purpose of the Smart Taxes project is to develop policy options to reform fiscal and other financial and monetary mechanisms in Ireland to deliver environmental, social and economic sustainability. See for more information .

Report: Implementation of Site Value Tax in Ireland

The Smart Taxes Network has just submitted an Implementation Paper to the Irish Government which aims to provide policymakers with guidance on the implementation of Site Value Tax in Ireland, assessing actual and possible obstacles, and providing solutions. You can read a summary and download the full report here.…

Two new research projects for Feasta: Carbon Cycles and Sinks, and Smart Taxes

Feasta has been awarded multi-annual funding from the Irish Department of the Environment for two policy research projects:

Carbon Cycles and Sinks – to develop policies which will enable the Irish land mass to become a carbon sink rather than a source of greenhouse emissions. This project will be led by Richard Douthwaite, and Corinna Byrne has been hired as project coordinator and lead researcher.

Smart Taxes – to research, design, develop and adapt fiscal and market-based mechanisms to increase environmental, social and economic sustainability in Ireland. This project will be led by Emer O’Siochru, and Ellie Cuffe has been …