About Laurence Matthews

In a previous century, Laurence and Alison Matthews were university lecturers and statisticians in the oil and transport industries. In this one, they wrote a best-selling book on Chinese characters before turning to epidemiology, the Bowen Technique and the psychology of climate change. Recently Laurence has been Chairman of a climate policy NGO and has given evidence to Select Committees of the UK House of Commons. They live near Hay-on-Wye with far too many books (most of which are Laurence's).

Laurence has written 2 articles so far, you can find them below.

Cap & Share in the run-up to Paris

Is it realistic to insist, as Feasta climate group members are doing, that world citizens could set up a global trust that would issue fossil fuel extraction permits , thus ensuring that greenhouse gas emissions gradually reduce to zero? What about politics? Cartel pressure and greed? And how can we get the word out about Cap & Share in the first place? Laurence Matthews makes some practical suggestions.

You’ve Been Framed

If we all want cars, or to fly, then climate change is all our fault, really, isn't it? Or is it? Perhaps we need to discuss how the issue of climate change is being framed. Laurence and Alison Matthews have written a quick and clever guide to 'framespotting' and Laurence, a long-time member of Feasta's climate group, has provided a short overview of their book.