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Daniel Gros Suggests a Solution to Euro Crisis

What needs to be done At this point the Eurozone needs a massive infusion of liquidity. Given that the cascade structure of the EFSF is part of the problem, the solution cannot be a massive increase in its size. However, the EFSF could simply be registered as a bank and could then have access to unlimited re-financing by the ECB, which is the only institution which can provide the required liquidity quickly and in convincing quantity.

The ECB must rise above itself to rescue the eurozone

Great post by Bill Black on how the ECB must break and remake it's own rules. In addition to fighting severe inflation, the ECB must (1) minimize unemployment, (2) serve as a lender of last resort to member nations and banks, and (3) serve as a “regulatory cop on the beat” to prevent the epidemics of accounting control fraud in EU banks that hyper-inflated financial bubbles

More is better when it comes to currencies

I missed this when it was first posted in NEF. It proposes what Feasta has always held; that a single currency however efficient for market is not optimal when other considerations such as systemic risk is taken into account. It is nice to see that we are not alone and that these ideas are finally getting into the mainstream.