Universal Basic Income – the time has come

Feasta co-hosted two webinars on May 10 and May 17 which explored the experience and the imperative of instituting a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for all people.

The discussion covered these topics and more:

1. the results of the UBI experiments in Finland and the US;

2. where the money can be found to provide everyone with income;

3. what the impacts might be on work, consumption and inflation;

4. and what steps we will need to take to make UBI a reality.

Three organizations teamed up to bring a group of global specialists together for these webinars: Feasta, Vermonters for a New Economy, and the Pod of Gold podcast of Gamechangers.

Video of the May 10 webinar:

Video of the May 17 webinar:

Many thanks to Gwendolyn Hallsmith for editing and uploading the videos.

The discussions included members of Feasta North America as well as special guests.

On May 10 we heard from:

Elinor Buchen, US
Office of Mayor Libby Schaaf, Oakland, CA
Mayors for a Guaranteed Income

Maruka Turunen, Finland
Government of Finland

Greg Nasif, US
Humanity Forward

On May 17 we heard from:

Michel Bauwens, Thailand
Peer-to-Peer Foundation

Herbert Jauch, Namibia
Viva Workers

Scott Santens, US
Co-author of What Do We Do About Inequality?

Enno Schmidt, Germany
Co-Founder of Switzerland’s UBI Initiative

Maruka Turunen, Finland
Government of Finland

FEASTA North America participants included:

Brent Ranalli, US
Author of Common Wealth Dividends: History and Theory

Mike Sandler, US

Gwendolyn Hallsmith, US
Vermonters for a New Economy

James Boyce, US

Political Economy Research Institute, UMass

Alison Macintyre, Canada
Centre for Behavioural Economics, Society, and Technology, Queensland University of Technology

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