Basic Income Ireland: first public event

A number of Feasta members, including director Anne Ryan, are involved with the new organisation Basic Income Ireland. They will be having an introductory meeting on Thursday March 7th, at NUI Maynooth, 7-9pm
Auxilia 1, North (New) Campus.

The evening is free and it will be organised to give everyone a chance to participate and
offer their opinions about a universal basic income.

Guest participant: Erik Olin Wright

The campus is within walking distance of the bus terminus and railway station and
signposted from the centre of the village of Maynooth. There is also plenty of free
parking on campus after 5pm. More information on the venue at

If you are travelling by public transport, are not familiar with Maynooth, and
want someone to meet you in the town to guide you to the campus, please email

You can watch Erik Olin Wright at

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