More on offshore banking

Amy Goodman has just interviewed James Henry, the author of the report on offshore banking that was cited in the Guardian. You can see the interview or read a transcript at here. He makes the point that when you take offshore finance into account it becomes clear that states like Nigeria are actually net creditors. These countries don’t really have a debt problem – they have a tax problem. …

The Climate and the Commons (from Sharing for Survival)

This paper by social anthropologist and activist Justin Kenrick aims to highlight the continued existence of the commons, a viable alternative to the socio-economic system which is driving climate change. It draws on existing experiences and challenges in the Kenyan highlands and Scottish islands and on the work of Elinor Olstrom to help identify ways of supporting and restoring the commons at the local, national and global levels.

Land and Money Reform Synergy in New Zealand

This is an intriguing and very innovative concept developed in New Zealand by Deirdre Kent. The paper is very long so I will post only excerpts, the summary and autobiographic details. It links a land value tax with a new local government issued money and with a new medium of land ownership that recalls Chris Cook's Limited Liability partnership model. [...]

The Lot of the Currency Designer

This paper was prepared by Graham Barnes for the International Social Transformation Conference in Split, Croatia, He argues that "once we realise that currency - nay, money in general - can be designed to fulfill or support specific objectives, it sets us free. Free from the constraints of the broken pseudo-science that is mainstream economics; free to recognise that not all transactions are of equal importance; and potentially free to redesign ourselves away from our existing pervasive elite monetary hegemony and reclaim the monetary commons."