How to fund climate justice: launch of the new Cap and Share Climate Alliance, Aug 10

Feasta and Equal Right have been building a coalition of organizations that support Cap & Share, and recently they led the launch of a new Cap & Share Climate Alliance.

We are interested in connecting with organizations aligned with the following principles.

• A carbon cap on the extraction and/or importation of fossil fuels that reduces briskly towards zero
• No offsets: tree-planting and other beneficial activities are as well as, not instead of, limiting fossil fuel
• A carbon charge applied to companies that extract or import fossil fuels
• Cash dividends that are paid out directly to people
• Further mechanisms that address climate justice, global justice and intergenerational justice
• Citizen oversight: a meaningful management role for the people of the world

Feasta, Equal Right and our partners are promoting this approach to add more detail so that climate activists can get beyond just saying “climate justice now,” which by itself does not have enough detail in it for the public to understand or get behind, and can also be misinterpreted by the press. Cap & Share can create a platform for new institutions such as a Global Climate Trust to cap and share the value of emissions under the cap, creating a world basic income that can address climate and inequality together.

Is your organization in agreement? You can find out more and sign up here.

The first half hour of this talk is dedicated to the launch of the new Cap and Share Climate Alliance, while the remaining hour is a presentation and discussion on the Equal Right paper “Climate Justice Without Borders”. Links to this and other papers on Cap and Share can be found here.

Facilitator: Mike Sandler (Feasta)
Chair: Harjeet Singh (CAN international)
Alliance co-founders: Caroline Whyte (Feasta), Sydney Chisi (Equal Right), Rahul Basu (The Future We Need), Will Stronge (Autonomy), Appolinaire Zagabe (DRC Climate Change Network), Adrien Fabre (Global Redistribution Advocates), Abel Musumali (Abel Musumali Foundation)

Equal Right Paper presentation:
Laura Bannister, Sydney Chisi
Paper discussants:
Emilia Reyes (Equidad de Genero),
Abel Musumali (Abel Musumali Foundation)

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