Food for Thought – Féile an Fhómhar, Nov 23 at 9:30am

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Food for Thought is an interactive event involving talking, listening, good food, music, and movement. The aim is to dialogue with other people around the issues and challenges facing us at present in a world of climate breakdown, war and militarisation, precarious employment, and inequality. How can we not only survive in such a context but in fact learn how to thrive and support each other, and build a new, more equal, and more sustainable world for all of life? Students, community workers, and anyone interested in being part, will come together to reflect on their experiences of today’s world and share strategies and dreams for a better world. Groups and organisations working to create solutions will showcase their work. A key theme will be on local food production and on how food connects us to each other and our wider ecology. In this spirit, we invite participants to bring food to share and to eat together in a collective space. Some of the sessions will be outdoors, so wear warm clothes and walking shoes!

The event is jointly organised by AFRI and lecturers in the Dept of Environmental Humanities and Social Sciences in ATU Mayo. The event is supported by Feasta and REDIAL partnership. We hope that Food for Thought gatherings will expand nationally.

When reserving your spot, please choose a workshop you would like to attend. Please note, all workshops will run simultaneously and spaces are limited.

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