Online event: Feasta youth delegate’s report on the Pakistan floods, and new capping carbon report

On October 21, 18-year old Pakistani Feasta delegate to the COP-27, Hania Imran, made a presentation on the situation in Pakistan with the floods at present. Hania has been a climate activist for the last five years, and founded a Youth Climate Movement called YCAPK with 100+ activists from across Pakistan.

Hania and our other youth delegates are attending the COP as part of our goal to include youth from the Global South, and Most Affected People and Places, in the climate justice discussion.

Mike Sandler, the chair of Feasta’s board of trustees, facilitated the event. Feasta economist Caroline Whyte followed up Hania’s talk with a brief description of a new paper “Phasing out fossil fuels, supporting climate justice” on implementing a global cap on carbon and returning funds back to people. The paper describes how the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance, comprised of about 10 jurisdictions, could be expanded to also include phasing out coal production, and then to promote justice and equity by including substantial funding to the Global South. Caroline also described a way in which Pakistan could be included in this system, which would yield revenue of at least $79 billion per year in climate finance, including compensation for loss and damage, for the country.

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