De-growth Discussion 2: Nottingham or (probably) Bust

What should we make of Nottingham’s plans to revitalise its economy, and why is it having such grave financial difficulties at present? Is its situation comparable to that of many other UK cities – or indeed, of cities in industrialised countries around the world – and could there be a link with resource limits? What could be done better?

Brian Davey and Tim Watkins discuss these topics in the second of their Degrowth Discussions. Brian has also made a series of related submissions to the Nottingham City Council, along with a letter to the Nottingham City Councillors, which you can download below.

Letter to Nottingham City Councillors (September 2020)

Submissions to the Nottingham Economic Recovery Consultation (December 2020):

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

Brain and Tim’s first Degrowth Discussion can be found here.

Featured image: statue of Robin Hood in Nottingham. Source:

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