World Basic Income conference, Manchester, February 4 2017

The world’s first conference on world basic income will be held in Manchester (UK) on 4th February 2017. The event will explore a new practical solution to global inequality and poverty. Feasta’s Caroline Whyte, who is involved in the CapGlobalCarbon campaign, will be on a conference panel discussing practicalities.

The organisers write:

“To find out more about the proposal for worldwide basic income, please see WBI’s website at

With speakers from a wide range of disciplines and organisations including The Guardian, BIEN, Share The World’s Resources, CapGlobalCarbon, Manchester Migrant Solidarity, national basic income movements, political parties and universities, the event will explore through panels and discussions:

– The context – inequality, poverty, cash transfers and basic income
– The practicalities of distributing cash – funding, distribution, and ownership
– Building a movement – grassroots mobilising, influence in high places; pilots, experience and evidence

This conference kicks off discussions on a brand new proposal for addressing global inequality and poverty, and we sincerely hope you will join us to share your ideas. Please pass on this invitation to other people who may be interested.”

Please register at:

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