The Age of Peak Oil

Over the next few years we will be entering into a period where we will have produced half of all the oil existing in the world. Yet demand for oil has never been higher. Not merely an issue for environmentalists, Peak Oil will have a impact on every aspect of our lives but there is little public awareness about this energy crisis.

TCD Environment Society, with the support of the Science Gallery and Feasta, will be holding an event called ‘The Age of Peak Oil’ which aims to bring students and members of the public into contact with influential voices from business and the sciences. Speakers include Eddie Hobbs, author of the book Energise – how to survive and prosper in the age of scarcity, RTÉ Environment correspondent Paul Cunningham, David Korowicz of Feasta, Dr. David Chew and Niamh O’ Sullivan of Trinity College. It will take place in the Science Gallery on the Thursday the 24th of February 2011 from 6pm and tickets are available from the Science Gallery.

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