2022 round-up, and appeal: please help Feasta to shift the economic narrative further in 2023!

The turbulence of the past year has made it clearer than ever that our growth-fixated, resource-squandering, and savagely unjust economy is neither viable nor desirable. There's never been a more urgent or obvious need to shift onto an economic path that leads towards societal and ecological health. Feasta's vision is bold, holistic, and global in scope - because that's what's needed. 

COP-27 Reflections: Loss and Damage, and Cap and Share

"The creation of a Loss and Damage Fund (although with no actual funding in it yet) may provide some needed relief to impacted countries. But it does not address the cause, an economic system dependent on fossil fuel combustion and driven by an infinite-economic-growth mindset and institutions", writes Mike Sandler.

Podcast: transforming chaos into coherence

David Somekh and Caroline Whyte speak with Jim Garrison, who co-hosts the Humanity Rising webinar series and who has been active throughout his life in the anti-war, anti-nuclear, citizen diplomacy and environmental movements.