Citizen’s Dividends: Basic Income from your Share of the Commons

Mike Sandler, a member of Feasta’s climate group, writes in the Huffington Post about Cap and Dividend – a variation of Cap and Share – and Dennis Kucinich’s proposal for monetary reform, known as the NEED act. Sandler suggests that income from such measures could be used to fund a citizen’s income. He then points out that such a programme could also be funded by quantatitive easing, at least in the short term. …


Feasta’s activities are based around a number of themes, all of which are inter-connected. For a broad overview of the relationship between our different activities and our overall mission, please see our Theory of Change. Our most recent Annual Report summarises our activities in the calendar year 2022.

We have a number of theme-focussed projects, which are listed below in alphabetical order:

  • Agroecology: Supporting an agroecological farming and food industry
    Convenor: Fergal Anderson
  • Basic income: Highlighting the environmentally regenerative potential of basic income
    Convenor: Anne Ryan

  • Beyond Extractivism: Working towards a sufficiency-based approach to the extraction

In memoriam: Richard Douthwaite

Richard Douthwaite, co-founder of Feasta and much-loved colleague and friend, died on November 14th 2011 after a long illness. We will miss his unique and far-ranging intellect, the clarity of his thought and writing, his warmth and his laughter. Tributes to him have come in from around the world and you can read them here.

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Notes from trustee meetings

Individual Emissions Entitlements & Cap and Trade in California

These two handouts were prepared by Feasta member Mike Sandler to bring to a November 2006 meeting in Sacramento with California Environmental Protection Agency staff about learning from the European Trading System (ETS), and how California can create a cap and trade system which provides Individual Emissions Entitlements.

Individual Emissions Entitlements & Cap and Trade in California

Learning from the European Trading System/ Important Decisions in a Future Cap and Trade System