The ecology of money, by Richard Douthwaite



Foreword by Bernard Lietaer

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Introduction & Summary

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Chapter 1: Commercially-produced Money

      Box 1: How the Bank of England controls the Money Supply

      Box 2: Why does our present money system lead to a long-term misuse of resources?

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Chapter 2: People-produced Money

      Box 3: Businesses organise their own money to overcome money drought

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Chapter 3: Government-produced Money

      Box 4: Devaluation in Britain through the ages

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Chapter 4: One Country, Four Currencies

      Box 5: The end of the two Gold Standards

      Box 6: A low-cost way to start a regional currency

      Box 7: Regional currencies save the day in Argentina

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Chapter 5: Moving On

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Appendix 1: How the Exchange Mechanisms Operate

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Appendix 2: References

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Appendix 3: Resource Guide

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