About Mike Sandler

Mike Sandler is a FEASTA Trustee and climate change and sustainability professional with experience working for nonprofits and government. In 2001 Mike co-founded the Center for Climate Protection based in Sonoma County, California. Inspired by Peter Barnes and Richard Douthwaite, he has advocated for revenues from a price on carbon to be returned back to the public as a per capita dividend or share. He actively promotes CapGlobalCarbon and he has written on green monetary reform and basic income, some of which is archived on his author page on HuffPost.

Website: http://www.commons-share.org
Mike Sandler has written 20 articles so far, you can find them below.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the IPCC 1.5 degree report and the Nobel to Nordhaus

"We should celebrate the positives from those news stories in raising general awareness. But for those who recognize the bad and ugly parts of those news stories, we must turn the resulting feeling of powerlessness into a political movement to form a Global Climate Trust and implement Cap Global Carbon," writes Mike Sandler.

Father’s Day thoughts on Star Wars, religion, and basic income 

Mike Sandler draws on the work of linguist George Lakoff to argue that "maybe it’s time to rethink the conventional wisdom received from our fathers about religion, strict father politics, the idea that hard work at a job equals self-worth or that many of those jobs can even provide a reasonable livelihood without basic income."