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Brent Ranalli is based in Massachusetts and is a Feasta trustee. He is a former instructor in environmental studies at Boston College and a Research Scholar with the Ronin Institute, with interests in Basic Income, monetary reform, and other policy questions. Brent is a policy professional who provides project management and communications support to public sector clients at The Cadmus Group, LLC. Carbon dividends are one example of common wealth dividends. Brent's book Common Wealth Dividends: History and Theory is due to be published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2021. More of his writings can be found here.

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Thomas Paine’s 1797 call for a Basic Income: a new paper tells the full story

"With the Covid-19 crisis, calls for a basic income are gaining new momentum. The U.S., and other countries too, could enjoy the immense society-wide benefit of a Basic Income if they are willing to set aside the sour grapes argument...of not providing a social safety net to out-groups," writes Brent Ranalli.