Feasta week in Kerry

This week’s annual week-long workshop at Rossbeigh in Kerry took place at the end of June 2017. It was a thought-provoking and stimulating session.

Participants included:

Angela Espinosa and Jon Walker, who explained how Stafford Beer’s Viable Systems Model could help bring about a much-needed paradigm change in human dealings with the rest of the natural world
Brian Davey, who prepared two discussion topics: understanding Trumpism; and the implications of Brexit
Oscar Kjellberg, who talked about “Sambruk”: a uniquely Swedish commoning approach that brings people together to apply transition-in-practice through reskilling and relocalization using convivial tools like intermediate technology, sociocracy, permaculture and Holistic Management
Treacy O’Connor and Paul Byrne,who talked about how we connect with ourselves and others, and about designing an online tool for collaboration in creating a vision for the future
Tim Clarke provided an update on his Feasta post and presentation “End of the Oilocene”, including an explanation of the Hillsgroup study on the interplay between the economy and net energy, and the immediate and long term implications for the world and Ireland
Barry McMullin, who gave a presentation on Negative Emissions Technologies in which he warned us to beware of “magical thinking”.

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