CapGlobalCarbon has been accepted as a Beautiful Solution

cgc-logo We’re very pleased to announce that CapGlobalCarbon has been accepted to the Beautiful Solutions Lab on Naomi Klein’s website.

The Beautiful Solutions Lab is “an interactive space for sharing the stories, solutions and big ideas needed to build new institutional power and point the way toward a just, resilient, and democratic future”.

Here’s the description of CapGlobalCarbon on the Lab website that was submitted by Erik-Jan Van Oosten:

“CapGlobalCarbon is about co-creating a sustainable and fair global regime for the production of fossil fuels. It is a truly global blockadia to #keepitintheground. We do not believe that the endless political bickering and UNFCCC conferences will achieve any meaningful process and would rather have climate science dictate how much CO2 we can safely extract. It is important to remember that we cannot negotiate with the climate.

“The atmosphere is a commons which all life has an equal right to. Elinor Ostrom’s work on the commons has shown that to prevent a “tragedy” from happening to a commons one needs to have a set of rules to govern that commons.
We propose that fossil fuel companies have to buy a right to extract from all of us and that the amount of rights will be reduced each year to stay within the carbon-budget. The revenues are returned to all world citizens in equal amounts.

“We’d like to be part of the justice/legal/security part because we believe our project contributes to justice through the reduction of inequality, legal because we intend to force governments through courtcases to join and security as a global implemented cap on carbon would guarantee a secure climate.”

CapGlobalCarbon is unusual among the Lab initatives – and indeed, among all climate initiatives – as its focus is truly global. It would provide essential legal protection and financial support for all the other initiatives described in the lab, enabling them to flourish.

If you’d like to help promote CapGlobalCarbon, a quick and easy way to do so would be to go here and click on “love this idea”. If enough people do this, it will be featured in the Beautiful Solutions gallery.

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