Fracking good or fracking bad?

This presentation was given at the Feasta climate weekend in Wales last month. Fracking – the use of unconventional methods for extracting natural gas- has become the subject of much controversy on both sides of the Atlantic as the energy industry lobbies for its widespread adoption. The presentation discusses its viability in terms of energy return on investment, its potential as a pollutant and its effect on climate change. You can download the powerpoint slides from this site now, along with the script for the presentation.

Download the powerpoint (ppt, 7 MB)
Script for Fracking talk (pdf)

Dec 1 note: We have replaced the featured image that we originally used with this article so as not to violate the copyright of its creators, the Analysis Group. It was a detailed 3D diagram explaining the mechanics of fracking. You can see it on the Analysis Group’s own website at

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