Peak Oil: The Economic Consequences – March 22

Mar 16, 2011 Comments Off
A panel discussion organised by UCC Economics Society, in association with UCC Environmental Society, UCC Greens and Transition City Cork.
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The Age of Peak Oil

Feb 26, 2011 Comments Off

The Age of Peak Oil - Public lecture by David Korowicz, chaired by John Gibbons

Over the next few years we will be entering into a period where we will have produced half of all the oil existing in the world. Yet demand for oil has never been higher. [...]

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The Ecology of Civilisation: From the Caves at Lascaux to the Cusp of Collapse – David Korowicz

May 08, 2010 Comments Off

Date and Time: 4th May – 22nd June 2010 (eight week course, one evening a week)

Venue: Cultivate, The Greenhouse, 17 St. Andrew St., Dublin 2, Ireland.

More information can be found at the Cultivate website, or by calling 01-6745773…

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Planning Our Retreat from Fossil Fuels: Exploring the Ramifications of Peak Oil – John Gibbons, David Korowicz (Feasta), Richard O’Rourke (ASPO), and Minister Eamon Ryan.

May 08, 2010 Comments Off

This event formed part of the 15th Convergence Festival.

Date and Time: 7pm on Wed 26th May. (€10)

Venue: Cultivate, The Greenhouse, 17 St. Andrew St., Dublin 2, Ireland.

More information

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Tipping Point: Near-Term Systemic Implications of a Peak in Global Oil Production – An Outline Review

Mar 15, 2010 3 Comments

The report Tipping Point: Near-Term Systemic Implications of a Peak in Global Oil Production, by David Korowicz of Feasta and the Risk/Resilience Network, is now available for download. The report argues that the defining dynamic of our civilisation is the withdrawal of energy from a complex and integrated system adapted only to growing. A managed “de-growth” is impossible; what is required is rapid emergency planning coupled with a plan for longer-term adaptation. …

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The transition to low carbon: policy frameworks and community action

Nov 20, 2009 Comments Off

Date and Time: 20-21 November 2009
Venue: Discovery Centre, Winchester, UK
more information

Including presentations by Feasta members:

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Things Fall Apart: Talk by David Korowicz

Aug 04, 2009 Comments Off

Over on the Oil Drum website you can now download a presentation given by Feasta’s David Korowicz at the ASPO/Oil Drum conference in Alcatraz, Italy in June 2009. The talk is entitled “Things Fall Apart: Complexity, Supply Chains, Infrastructure & Collapse“…

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The New Emergency Workshop – Energy and the Economy

Jun 10, 2009 Comments Off
Recording of parallel workshop with Richard Douthwaite and Chris Vernon. This video is available to Feasta Members and attendees of the conference only. Please contact website @ for access.
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Richard Douthwaite – Emergency? What Emergency?

Jun 10, 2009 Comments Off
Richard Douthwaite looked at the problems created by the availability of cheap energy. He believes it shaped capitalism and our monetary systems, led manufacturers and farmers to adopt unsustainable technologies, and permitted a six-fold increase in the human population while creating a concentration of power and wealth in very few hands.
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Dmitry Orlov – Seizing the Mid-Collapse Moment

Jun 09, 2009 Comments Off
Dmitry Orlov, author of Reinventing Collapse, explored the question "What is it that we are looking at here, and what can we do about it?" He believes that there is not much hope for a global financial system and economy, nor should there be given the huge problems it is causing with the environment. If this is the case, then what can people do, in terms of coping with financial collapse, creating community resilience, and re-skilling for the new, local, self-reliant, highly manual age that is coming?
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Sustainable Economics and the Global Ecosystem: Feasta presentation

Jun 05, 2008 Comments Off

You can now watch a video of a Feasta presentation from June 3rd at the Cork Environmental Forum (CEF), on Sustainable Economics and the Global Ecosystem. The video is available on the CEF website here. …

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Converging Crises, Policy Responses – Feasta seminar series

Jun 01, 2008 Comments Off

Converging Crises, Policy Responses – Feasta Seminar Series

Date and Time: 12 noon, 1 Friday followed by 4 Thursdays in June and July 2008
Venue: Irish Architectural Archive building, 45 Merrion Square, Dublin 2
This series of seminars was aimed primarily at policymakers, however Feasta members were most welcome too.

The five seminars are as follows:

The Future’s Not What it Used to Be, Friday 13th June
David Korowicz

Many of our civilisation’s key resources have become more tightly coupled and are under increasing strain. We look at the systemic interactions of energy, greenhouse gasses, food, and the macroeconomy; …

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Farming’s future sustainability: interview with Richard Douthwaite

May 30, 2008 Comments Off

Over on Oliver Moore’s blog you can read a recent interview which Feasta’s Richard Douthwaite did for the Irish Examiner, in which he discusses farming’s future sustainability. …

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