Community Energy in Ireland (Part 2)

Aug 09, 2014 No Comments by
In the second part of his commentary on the Community Energy Position Policy Paper, Erik-Jan van Oosten suggests some creative means to achieve financing for renewable energy projects.
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Ethical Money and The Great Separation

May 19, 2014 2 Comments by
As the 99% become progressively aware of embedded unethical and unfair systemic values, might monetary disengagement become a key part of a trend to separate and distance ourselves from the mainstream economy – a Great Separation? By Graham Barnes.
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From our archives: why interest-free banking matters

May 14, 2014 No Comments by
Interest-free banking, such as that carried out by the JAK banks in Scandinavia, has been attracting considerable attention lately. But does it really matter whether a bank charges interest or not? After all, every bank has to charge for its services or it won’t stay in business. This article by Richard Douthwaite and John Jopling from the second Feasta Review discusses the issue.
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Margrit Kennedy RIP

Jan 10, 2014 No Comments by
It is with deep regret that we learn that Margrit Kennedy passed away on December 28th 2013. Margrit was a leading light in developing alternative approaches to money and currencies and an outspoken critic of the current global economic system.
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Press release: Feasta describes Troika exit as “a piece of theatre obscuring our real challenges”

Dec 16, 2013 No Comments by
Yesterday’s exit of the troika simply indicates a transfer of Ireland’s allegiance back to the international bond markets, not a restoration of sovereignty. The Irish economy’s profound vulnerability could be addressed via a commons-based financial system and energy independence.
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Co-Ops & Credit Unions – A Governance Crisis?

Nov 27, 2013 2 Comments by
Just when the implications of ‘over-professionalising’ banking and allowing an overpaid clique of casino-managers to screw up the real economy are becoming clear to the masses, we are being encouraged to think we can’t do without them. If this rearguard action succeeds, the opportunity for innovation – for example in the capital financing of energy projects – will be lost. By Graham Barnes.
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Feasta describes Budget 2013 as another lost opportunity

Oct 15, 2013 No Comments by
The debate surrounding the Irish budget was characterised by a false choice between ‘austerity’ or ‘growth’. In fact, neither option is viable. Instead, what is needed is a radical re-structuring of our economy to ensure that we live within ecological limits in a just manner.
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Entrepreneurship – the narrative of destructive creation

Sep 16, 2013 No Comments
Entrepreneurs are often assumed to play a heroic role in the economy, with some shades of tragedy. In a second excerpt from his new book Brian Davey argues that the heroism of entrepreneurs may be somewhat exaggerated, whereas the tragedy is probably downplayed. Co-operative approaches to doing business generally prove to be more compatible with the real world.
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Designer Currencies and Behaviour Change

Jul 26, 2013 2 Comments
This article by Graham Barnes explores the relationship between the values that are implicitly embedded in a currency and the type of explicit behaviour that that currency could promote.
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Transforming Finance: notes from the conference on 10th May 2013

May 24, 2013 No Comments
Graham Barnes attended the recent Transforming Finance event in London. Here are some of his recollections.
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Universal Basic Income: A brief overview of a support for intelligent economies, quality of life and a caring society

Apr 17, 2013 3 Comments
Basic financial security should be a right for all members of society, yet our present social-welfare system does not adequately support this right and has many other serious flaws. Anne Ryan explains how a universal basic income would increase everybody’s capacity to cope with financial shocks and uncertainties far more effectively than the current system and how it would also improve general quality of life, while supporting many different kinds of work, with or without pay.
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Cap and Share: managing the share on a global level (from Sharing for Survival)

Feb 07, 2013 1 Comment
In this article Caroline Whyte makes a case in favour of global per-capita allocations of funds from the share in Cap and Share: a sort of worldwide cash transfer programme. She draws on recent development theory, technological innovations and research on social and economic equity to bolster her argument.
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Money and Sustainability – The Missing Link: Review

Jan 31, 2013 1 Comment
So here we have it. The austerity versus Keynsian spending debate is about as useful as arguing whether the earth is flat or sitting on the back of a pile of turtles. Neither will provide sustainable interventions to our converging crises while the debt-based money system remains the only significant game in town. By Graham Barnes.
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