The ninety percent and the tithe

Apr 27, 2018 No Comments by
Patrick Noble thinks it probable that as GDP (spending) shrinks, things such as "bed time stories, knowledge, handshakes, gossip, sympathy, empathy, shared pleasures – raised glasses, a pub chorus, birdsong, a walk to the hilltop, a stroll on the shingle, good cooking and gardening" will expand and as they do so, happiness can expand.
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Cursed to live in interesting times

Apr 17, 2018 No Comments by
Brian Davey connects the fall in the growth rate, with its roots in the rising costs of energy extraction and generation, to declining resilience in the economic system. He argues that these are in turn related to a more conflict ridden geo-politics. There is an increased vulnerability to shocks which will be catastrophic unless and until there is a new conventional wisdom in society about what is wrong and what has to be done about it.
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Universal Basic Income: Pennies from Heaven by Paul O’Brien – review

Mar 16, 2018 1 Comment by
Caroline Whyte writes that universal basic income is "an exciting idea, and this book is well worth reading if you’re even mildly curious to learn more about its potential."
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Limits to Economic Growth?

Dec 07, 2017 2 Comments by
"Mainstream economists typically concentrate on science, technology and innovation to explain economic growth – but virtually all these new innovations are new ways to use energy and it is the energy of coal, oil and gas that does the work," writes Brian Davey.
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The Corruption of Capitalism by Guy Standing: review by Brian Davey

Nov 20, 2017 1 Comment by
This book is a powerful attack on rentier capitalism and, very explicitly, a call to revolt. Standing is at his best describing the features of crony capitalism that are totally different from the neo-liberal story of free markets that justifies it. While a very informative read, the analysis urgently needs to be expanded if the emerging commons movement is to be able to adapt to the limits to growth.
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Feasta submission to the Citizens’ Assembly on climate

Aug 11, 2017 2 Comments by
Instead of playing catch-up to other EU countries as is currently the case, we believe Ireland could leapfrog them and establish itself as a visionary leader by taking a global view of the climate challenge and incorporating action on climate with substantive action on inequality and poverty, significant improvements to the quality and freshness of food, and greater overall prosperity and stability in Ireland and elsewhere.
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Fantasies of “Socialism with an iPad”?: Inventing the Future by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams: Review

Aug 14, 2016 Comments Off on Fantasies of “Socialism with an iPad”?: Inventing the Future by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams: Review by
"Sometimes you read a book that helps to crystalize your thinking, not because you agree with it, but because you don't" writes Brian Davey, who goes on to challenge the authors' assumptions about the availability of renewable energy and the nature and potential of localism.
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The Greece and Eurozone crisis made simple

Jul 07, 2015 1 Comment
Brian Davey argues that the missing component in most discussion of the Eurozone crisis is the fact that it is linked to energy supply and the limits to growth.
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Credo: Economic Beliefs in a World in Crisis

Jun 04, 2015 Comments Off on Credo: Economic Beliefs in a World in Crisis
In our latest Feasta book, Brian Davey describes how economists preach a 'gospel' which gravely misrepresents the complexity of human psychology, exacerbates inequality and seeks to justify the destruction of communities and environments. Salvation is supposedly in efficiency, competitive markets, specialisation, technology and, above all, growth - but we are now crashing against ecological limits.
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Framespotting: Review by Caroline Whyte

May 12, 2015 Comments Off on Framespotting: Review by Caroline Whyte
What do climate change, sports teams and your family's achievements have in common? Read Laurence and Alison Matthews' new book 'Framespotting' to find out.
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23 Things They Don’t Tell You about Capitalism by Ha-Joon Chang: Review

Oct 16, 2014 Comments Off on 23 Things They Don’t Tell You about Capitalism by Ha-Joon Chang: Review
Graham Barnes writes "There were so many tweetable gems in the 260 pages of this book, that I had to exercise self control or be suspected of agency status."
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Critique by Clive Spash of the “Better Growth, Better Climate” report

Oct 07, 2014 Comments Off on Critique by Clive Spash of the “Better Growth, Better Climate” report
In this discussion paper Clive Spash of the University of Economics and Business in Vienna critiques the much publicised document released in September: "Better Growth, Better Climate: The New Climate Economy Report" . This report, in which Lord Nicholas Stern was a leading author, is the elite perspective on climate change - that of the most senior politicians, bankers and financiers. The report is a call for continued growth and, as Spash shows, it is deeply flawed theoretically.
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Video on the Ponzi scheme of growth

May 23, 2014 Comments Off on Video on the Ponzi scheme of growth

There’s an interesting excerpt here from the environmental documentary “Mother” on the under-recognised problems with economic growth, including the fact that sprawl always ends up costing a municipality more than it brings in. Also some great imagery of the craziness of mass industrialisation.…

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