Feasta and CEF webinar on June 5 – BEYOND GDP: Governance and Budgeting for Well-being

Join us for the Feasta/CEF webinar BEYOND GDP: Governance and Budgeting for Well-being which will explore ways to transition to Well-being Governance and Budgeting in Ireland and elsewhere.  There is increasing acceptance that our current GDP-focused measurements of progress are a significant contributory factor to emerging environmental and social crises. At the same time citizens and policy makers are increasingly aware of the urgent need to identify and prioritise measures to improve health, care and quality of life.

In Ireland, the current government formation talks include discussions on how best to approach budgeting that will “focus on quality of life …

Violated Earth – Violent Earth: Revisiting causes and effects of humans’ misdemeanor and nature’s power

Willi Kiefel identifies some of the main causes of the ecological “downward spiral” we are currently trapped in, and makes six propositions for a transformation process to help us escape from it.

Beyond the Obvious: novel podcasts for enquirers

Our pilot podcast series, Beyond the Obvious, was co-organised by Feasta and the European Health Futures Forum.

The hosts, Seán O’Conláin and Caroline Whyte, explored a range of topics with guests from a wide variety of backgrounds. There are six monthly podcasts of 20-30 minutes, released between March 15th and September 17th 2019. (We took a break in August.) Please feel free to comment below.

Topics include:

• decarbonisation
• decreasing energy consumption
• measuring wellbeing
• reviving biodiversity, which is taken to include local culture and language
• drivers of health
• monetary reform

Our thanks to Laoise