Cap & Share in the run-up to Paris

Aug 09, 2015 No Comments by
Is it realistic to insist, as Feasta climate group members are doing, that world citizens could set up a global trust that would issue fossil fuel extraction permits , thus ensuring that greenhouse gas emissions gradually reduce to zero? What about politics? Cartel pressure and greed? And how can we get the word out about Cap & Share in the first place? Laurence Matthews makes some practical suggestions.
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A simple proposal to keep fossil fuels in the ground

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Over on the Responding to Climate Change website you can read a post by Feasta climate group member Laurence Matthews in which he explains why Cap and Share would perfectly fit the bill for ‘strong climate action’ that so many prominent figures, from the Pope to pop stars, are calling for. Cap and Share (or CapGlobalCarbon) would ensure that fossil fuel extraction was gradually phased out while simultaneously tackling poverty and inequality. …

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Greece’s Debt, a New Monetary System, and the Climate Negotiations in Paris

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Mike Sandler's new blog post discusses the role played by debt-based money in the Greek financial crisis, and the reasons why a return to a gold standard wouldn't work, and goes on to propose some solutions. Mike will be representing Feasta, along with some colleagues, at the COP-21 summit in Paris later this year.
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The Pope Calls for New Global Institution to Protect the Commons, Tackle Climate and Poverty

Jul 03, 2015 Comments Off on The Pope Calls for New Global Institution to Protect the Commons, Tackle Climate and Poverty by

Mike Sandler, who is heading the CapGlobalCarbon delegation to COP-25 in Paris in December, has just posted an article in the Huffington Post that explains how CapGlobalCarbon would help to achieve the Pope’s vision. …

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Framing the Paris climate change summit

Jun 19, 2015 Comments Off on Framing the Paris climate change summit by
Caroline Whyte suggests some re-framing of the climate crisis in order to reveal possibilities for action on climate change that could have widespread positive effects.
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Reflections on the first Climate Conversation

Mar 24, 2015 Comments Off on Reflections on the first Climate Conversation by
Seán Conlan writes "The main theme of the evening was the challenge of engaging with the general public in the acceptance of climate change, and this provoked some interesting insights from both panelist and audience."
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Climate Conversations

Mar 11, 2015 Comments Off on Climate Conversations by
Feasta members Willi Kiefel and Seán Conlan have been involved in a unique collaboration between charities, unions and other organisations, with a goal of "promoting greater understanding of what a low carbon future might bring for Ireland "
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Brian Davey responds to Giorgos Kallis on degrowth

Jan 14, 2015 1 Comment
"A process that starts off largely involuntarily can end up steered more directly" writes Brian Davey in a continuation of his discussion on degrowth with Giorgos Kallis, editor of the book "Degrowth: Vocabulary for a New Era".
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You’ve Been Framed

Nov 18, 2014 Comments Off on You’ve Been Framed
If we all want cars, or to fly, then climate change is all our fault, really, isn't it? Or is it? Perhaps we need to discuss how the issue of climate change is being framed. Laurence and Alison Matthews have written a quick and clever guide to 'framespotting' and Laurence, a long-time member of Feasta's climate group, has provided a short overview of their book.
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Update on the “Sink or Sue” climate litigation project

Nov 06, 2014 Comments Off on Update on the “Sink or Sue” climate litigation project
Here's an update by David Knight on the Feasta climate group's plan to organize a mock trial next year, in partnership with a large group of allies, many of whom already have legal experience relating to climate change. The mock trial will be an initial step towards a real court action and would develop and test a claim against a fictitious British Fossil fuel company for contributing to the damage caused by climate change.
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This Changes Everything – Capitalism vs the Climate by Naomi Klein: Review

Oct 26, 2014 1 Comment
Naomi Klein's new book is well worth a read by anyone interested in the relationship between the growth-based economy and runaway greenhouse gas emissions. It also provides some suggestions for finding our way out of this morass. By Caroline Whyte
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Feasta climate group weekend, 31st October – 3 November 2014

Oct 13, 2014 Comments Off on Feasta climate group weekend, 31st October – 3 November 2014
This year's climate group meeting will have an overall theme of 'climate j
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Critique by Clive Spash of the “Better Growth, Better Climate” report

Oct 07, 2014 Comments Off on Critique by Clive Spash of the “Better Growth, Better Climate” report
In this discussion paper Clive Spash of the University of Economics and Business in Vienna critiques the much publicised document released in September: "Better Growth, Better Climate: The New Climate Economy Report" . This report, in which Lord Nicholas Stern was a leading author, is the elite perspective on climate change - that of the most senior politicians, bankers and financiers. The report is a call for continued growth and, as Spash shows, it is deeply flawed theoretically.
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