Food for Thought/Lon Intinne, Friday May 17 2019

Irish language version

You can now sign up for our Food for Thought Collaborative event which will take place on Friday May 17th in the GMIT, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. It’s organised in partnership with Afri, Teacht Anair, Food Sovereignty Ireland and the IEN-organised National Biodiversity Week. The event comes the day before Afri’s Annual Famine Walk in Louisburg.

Food for Thought offers a reflective learning space which this year focuses on transformational change. There will be two guest speakers – Hanny van Geel from La Via Campesina and Michael McGaughan, author of Coming Home. While a central theme will …

Feasta submission to the Post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy consultation process

We argue that in order to achieve its new objectives, CAP policymakers need to collaborate with other high-level EU and global bodies so as to establish a core economic framework that would include Cap and Share, a basic income, land value tax, debt-free money issuance and reforms to the international trading organisations.

Notes from the Environ 2013 colloquium

Feasta member Willi Kiefel attended this event and was impressed by the high standard of research and presentations. Converting the hard work done by researchers into political reality is a challenge however. He comments "I got the feeling again and again when I talked to researchers or other participants that there seems to be a serious lack of awareness as to the responsibility towards future generations amongst public representatives."

Health and biodiversity

by Elizabeth Cullen. All of our food and many important medicines derive from our biodiversity. Our psychological and spiritual well being is enhanced by the joy and private moments of wonder in contemplation of the natural world. How can our way of life be changed so as to enhance our life giving and life affirming biodiversity, rather than undermine it?