Land Value Tax: Unfinished Business

Nov 09, 2004 No Comments

Emer Ó Siochrú

This paper is reprinted, with permission, from the book A Fairer Tax System For A Fairer Ireland, published by the CORI Justice Commission. The book also contains papers by Tom Dunne and Richard Douthwaite. It can be downloaded in its entirety from the CORI website, in PDF format, at

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Taming the Tiger

Nov 08, 2004 No Comments

PDF version

Introduction to the Second Feasta Review by John Jopling

Why the growth tiger is unsustainable and what can be done about it.

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Feasta Money Group to fight change in Building Society law

Jun 11, 2004 No Comments

Ireland has only two mutual building societies left – the EBS and the Irish Nationwide – and for at least ten years, Michael Fingleton of the Nationwide has made it clear that he intends that it should follow the example of the Irish Permanent and the First National and shed its mutual status. The Feasta Money Group intends to try to prevent it doing so. Here’s why.…

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To Catch the Wind: The Potential for Community Ownership of Wind Farms in Ireland

Jun 03, 2004 No Comments

To Catch The Wind

Download the entire document as one PDF file (5 MB)

A publication of the Renewable Energy Partnership, June 2004
Ireland has one of the most promising, untapped energy resources to be found anywhere in Europe – wind energy. It is one of the few sectors in which the West of Ireland in particular has a major competitive advantage over almost every other region in Europe.

It was for this reason that, early in 2002, the Renewable Energy Partnership (REP), which consists of Brí Nua Community Wind Energy Group, Mayo Community Wind Energy Group and the Western Development Commission (WDC), began …

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Response to ‘Sustainable Rural Housing; Consultation Draft of Guidelines for Planning Authorities’

May 04, 2004 No Comments

May 2004

This submission critiques the current Irish Rural Housing Guidelines, arguing that their formation lacked proper participation and consultation; they are based on insufficient information; they over-emphasise dispersed housing to the detriment of other types of housing, in particular that of small settlements and villages; they fail to acknowledge important environmental and social factors such as peak oil and the fact that dispersed housing is more likely to be built and inhabited by the relatively well-off; and they introduce a discriminatory planning system based on the provenance and circumstances of the applicant. It suggests that a Rural Housing Commission

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The European Project: Dismantling Social Democracy, Globalising Neoliberalism

Apr 03, 2004 1 Comment

PDF version

by Andy Storey (Centre for Development Studies, UCD,

Paper for presentation at the conference ‘Is Ireland a Democracy?’, Sociology Department, National University of Ireland Maynooth, 2nd/3rd April 2004.


Pierre Defraigne, Deputy Director General for Trade at the European Commission, professes himself puzzled by Europeans’ attitudes towards the phenomenon of globalisation:

“Today, Europeans are ambivalent as regards globalisation. How is it that a people that ‘discovered the world’ at the time of the Renaissance and, for two or three centuries, colonised four continents, can fail to see the many benefits that the conquest of new …

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FEASTA submission on Irish Renewable Energy Policy

Mar 27, 2004 No Comments

Contribution to Consultation Process on Policy Goals – March 2004
Ireland’s renewable energy policy can only be developed intelligently if carried out within the framework of an overall energy policy. The latter, in turn, should only be shaped by people who have carefully examined the prospects for energy supplies from conventional sources for the next fifty years. (No shorter period can sensibly be taken in view of the fact that energy-using structures such as buildings, railways and roads built now will have a life of around that period and in some cases far beyond it. Some power infrastructure can also …

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Submission on the Corrib Gas Application

Jan 29, 2004 No Comments

To: Mr. Ian Douglas, Planning Office, Mayo County Council.
Re: Gas Terminal Planning Application, Bellanaboy, Co. Mayo.
Date: January 29th, 2004.

Dear Mr. Douglas,

The following is a brief submission by Feasta on the application by Shell E. and P. to construct a Gas Processing Plant at Bellanaboy Bridge, Co. Mayo. Feasta, The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability, was established in 1998. It aims to explore and promote the characteristics – economic, cultural and environmental – that a society must have in order to be truly sustainable.…

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Fossil Fuels Subsidies and Emissions of Greenhouse Gases from Fossil Fuels

Dec 12, 2003 No Comments

A report to Comhar, the National Sustainable Development Partnership, by Feasta and Friends of the Irish Environment.

The full version can be downloaded as a PDF Version

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Before the Wells Run Dry

Dec 11, 2003 No Comments

Before the Wells Run Dry Read this book online in its entirety

This groundbreaking book, published in late 2003 by Feasta, describes the challenge presented by depletion of oil and other non-renewable energy sources. Its authors conclude that renewables have the capacity to provide the people of Europe with all the energy they need to live comfortable lives without using coal or nuclear energy at all, provided that enough time and energy are devoted to beginning the switchover within the next few years.

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Submission on Rural Housing To the Oireachtas Committee on Environment and Local Government

Nov 06, 2003 No Comments

6th Nov 2003 , Emer O’Siochru

This submission makes a case for promoting small compact housing settlements rather than dispersed housing. It examines precedents for this development model in Ireland, arguing that most Irish villages and towns came into existence as a result of conscious planning. It suggests that the tax system be used to influence decisions about housing construction in favour of compact settlements, and that a ‘Participatory Budget’ system be introduced, following the example of Sao Paulo in Barzil, with the County Development Boards playing a strong role.

The full version can be downloaded as a PDF file

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Notes for the UK Sustainable Development Commission, re Redefining Prosperity

Oct 27, 2003 No Comments

By John Jopling for Feasta, October 2003

This submission argues that the Sustainable Development Commission has thus far tended to emphasise symptoms of global problems rather than their root causes. In particular, it argues that the SDC should consider the role played by the global financial system in the world economy, and the link between debt-based money and the pressure on economies to expand indefinitely.

The full text can be found below or downloaded as a PDF version

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Pamphlet on Land Value taxation

Oct 10, 2003 No Comments

Please click the link below to download a PDF version of a leaflet on Land Value taxation which was prepared for Feasta’s October 2003 Conference Land: The Claim of the Community.

PDF leaflet

Briefing on the conference

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