Liquidity Network leaflet available for download

Jan 11, 2010 Comments Off on Liquidity Network leaflet available for download

The Liquidity Network group, which is working with Future Proof Kilkenny to launch an electronic currency system in the city, has just published a leaflet outlining the system. It can be downloaded here.
More detailed questions about the way the system will operate are answered here. …

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Obituary: Dr Peter Read

Dec 08, 2009 1 Comment

We are saddened to learn of the recent death of Dr Peter Read. He was a proponent of the use of bioenergy for climate change mitigation, and he gave one of the presentations at Feasta’s 2008 Will Howard Memorial Lecture, “Climate Change: First the Bad News, Then The Good”. …

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Royalties from sales of Enough is Plenty to go to Feasta

Nov 23, 2009 Comments Off on Royalties from sales of Enough is Plenty to go to Feasta

Nov 23: enough is plenty book coverFeasta member and director Anne B. Ryan has announced that all royalties from her book Enough is Plenty will go to Feasta. It is currently available through Amazon as well as some bricks-and-mortar bookshops. If your local bookseller doesn’t have it, you can ask them to stock it (be sure to give them the ISBN number, which is 978-1-84694-239-6). Find out more about the book, and place online orders in time for Christmas, here. …

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Kinsale wins the Anne Behan award

Oct 20, 2009 Comments Off on Kinsale wins the Anne Behan award

We’re pleased to announce that Kinsale is the first winner of the FEASTA Anne Behan Community Sustainability Award for Transition Initiatives on the island of Ireland. Read more

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Anne B. Ryan joins our board of directors

Sep 25, 2009 Comments Off on Anne B. Ryan joins our board of directors

We’re delighted to welcome Anne B. Ryan onto the Feasta board of directors, following her election at the Feasta AGM on September 16th. Anne has been a schoolteacher, a freelance writer and researcher and is currently employed as a lecturer in adult and community education at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. She is the author of Balancing your Life:  A practical guide to work, time, money and happiness (2002) and Enough is Plenty: public and private politics for the 21st century (2009) (see She is particularly interested in how all citizens can develop their capacities for leadership. …

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Environmental Pillar representatives needed

Jul 27, 2009 Comments Off on Environmental Pillar representatives needed

The Strategic Policy Committees which are being set up by the Irish local authorities are currently looking for people to represent the Environmental Pillar of social partnership. If you are a Feasta member and are interested in participating, please contact Michael Ewing and let us know by August 31. See the Environmental Pillar website for details about the application. …

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Democracy for an Ecological Age

Jul 20, 2009 Comments Off on Democracy for an Ecological Age

by Mark Garavan

This paper adopts a solution-based approach to the challenge of imagining a new democratic model for Ireland. It proposes a form of governance based on existing institutional and legal possibilities.…

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New paper by David Wasdell

Jul 07, 2009 Comments Off on New paper by David Wasdell

David Wasdell, the systems dynamicist who spoke at two Feasta events last year, believes that natural systems are already contributing to climate change rather than damping it down. A paper on this which he prepared as a briefing for the World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment in Oxford this week can be found here. It argues that a runaway warming will develop unless urgent action is taken.…

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Upcoming Feasta conference

May 20, 2009 Comments Off on Upcoming Feasta conference

Confirmed speakers at the upcoming Feasta conference “The New Emergency: Managing Risk and Building Resilience in a Resource Constrained World” now include Alex Evans, Dmitry Orlov, Richard Douthwaite, Ludwig Schuster and Dan Sullivan. The conference presents a timely opportunity for leading thinkers and stakeholders to explore systems based solutions relating to diverse topics such as food and energy security, money and finance reform, carbon emissions, resource depletion and managing the use of the commons. Read more

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The Liquidity Network

Feb 02, 2009 Comments Off on The Liquidity Network

Feasta believes that a radical monetary reform is one of the keys to sustainability and a number of members are currently working to establish a debt-free exchange system which they plan to introduce to overcome the problems created by the failure of the present debt-based system. You can find details of the project here.…

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Comhar report on Cap and Share

Dec 07, 2008 Comments Off on Comhar report on Cap and Share

A Study in Personal Carbon Allocation: Cap and Share
7 December 2008 (PDF document, 1.3 MB)

This report was published by Comhar, the Irish Sustainable Development Council. It was launched by the Minister of the Environment, and contains two detailed studies about Cap and Share by AEA Energy & Environment and Cambridge Econometrics. …

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Potential Impacts of a Global Cap and Share Scheme on India

Nov 24, 2008 Comments Off on Potential Impacts of a Global Cap and Share Scheme on India

This Report on India was prepared by Anandi Sharan, and follows Jeremy Wakeford’s model on the effects on South Africa that Cap and Share might have if introduced as part of a global climate settlement. Conditions in India are unique, as indeed they are in every country. Some elements of the pilot study, especially the impact on trade, have been shortened, whilst the section on the impact on households is given more prominence. The introduction of Cap and Share would mean that Indian households received a direct payment for their share of each year’s global emission rights. Such payments …

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Feasta contributes to IIEA report

Nov 20, 2008 Comments Off on Feasta contributes to IIEA report

Three members of Feasta were involved in the preparation of the Irish Institute for European Affairs report The Climate Change Challenge: Strategic Issues, Options and Implications for Ireland published at the end of September. Our contribution on the economics of climate change which was written a year ago has been published by the IIEA as an Occasional Paper and can be accessed here.…

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