Ben Whelan reviews Economics For The Common Good by Mark A. Lutz

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from individualistic to social economics

Economics for the Common Good

Mark A. Lutz
Routledge, London, 1998
ISBN: 0415143136, £18.99 in UK

What do Gandhi, Herman Daly and the author of Small is Beautiful, E.F. Schumacher, have in common? All three tried (or in Daly’s case, is trying) to move economic thought away from the dehumanised, mathematical, and amoral stance that has formed the basis of conventional economics since the Industrial Revolution. They are consequently qualified to be called social or humanistic economists, the terms now used to describe thinkers who place human – and …

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Methodology for the Implementation of Ireland’s Climate Change Strategy

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Submission on behalf of FEASTA. 8th March, 2001

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